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By Sea

Efficient transport solution: large load volumes bridge great distances via sea freight. Athar and Co. controls all logistics procedures involving your international imports and exports. We choose the right transport carriers and loading equipment, ensure packaging suitable for sea transport and assume responsibility for reliable shipping.

Transport Solutions According to your Wishes

Athar and Co. develops the appropriate transport concept for each customer. Depending upon the needs of the customer, we organize shipping in standard containers via FCL or LCL. If unconventional solutions are required for oversized packages, we take over the entire handling as a special transport. Our service also includes the upstream and downstream transport by lorry, rail and barge. That’s how we create intermodal transport solutions for you worldwide.

Athar & Co. is happy to carry out the complete container management for you, as well as all necessary formalities, from customs clearance to transport insurance. Thanks to our modern IT tools, you are always informed as to where your shipment is at the moment.

We understand the client’s shipping requirements, to ensure that every arrangement made by us is tailored to client’s shipping needs. We are constantly working towards providing quality shipping, logistics solutions and continue to improve our services. Our system is designed to minimize total system cost on the basis of performance of speed, cost and consistency.