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By Land

Land Logistics provides land development services. Its services include project management, which include project oversight, and coordination/management of project team and sub consultants  as well as development entitlement actions, including subdivisions, general plan amendments, annexations and sphere of influence adjustments, development agreements, subdivision improvement agreements, rezoning and prezoning, planned unit developments, specific plans and master plans, urban development and infill/mixed-use projects, affordable housing development, site planning, conditional use permits, variances, design review, and building permit issuance.

Most project movements require equipment to be brought to the port of loading. Upon arrival at destination port to be carried to the construction site one of the most critical aspects, in particular in remote destinations, is the availability of discharge equipment at the site. Within our service package we will arrange for sufficient cranes/gantries to be available in order to place heavy equipment onto the foundation, in case our client does not have own lifting equipment available.